Children in Search of a Forever Home - Sibling Groups

Each of these sibling groups is in search of a "Forever Home" with a family that will love and nuture them as they grow.  They have strong bonds and would like to remain together.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a "Forever Family" and opening your home and heart to our children, click on the "Adoption FAQs" or "How to Adopt" buttons to your left.

If you are interested in learning more about the children on this page, CLICK HERE to contact our Adoption Recruiter. You can meet children in other age groups by clicking the links below.

Children 5 Years and Under

Children 6-12 Years Old

Children 13-17 Years









Jerome (9), Gianmichael (8), Ashane (7), Joseph (4)

Sweet, Fun, Energetic, Loving, and Smart are a few words to describe this adorable sibling group of four. Each of the children has different and unique qualities that set them apart as individuals as well as bring them together as a fun-loving sibling group.  Gian is a happy child who is described as smart and very active. Gian has a love for animals and enjoys being outdoors. Jerome is described as a smart child who is very creative and a leader.  Jerome enjoys building things with Legos, he is athletic and likes football and baseball. Joseph is an adorable little boy who can be described as friendly and curious. Joseph loves playing outside with his big brothers and sister. Ashane is the princess of the group and can be described as somewhat of a diva. Ashane is a very social and sweet little girl who loves being the center of attention. Ashane enjoys music, playing with dolls and spending time with her siblings.  Gian, Jerome, Joseph and Ashane are four closely bonded siblings who are in need of a loving, committed and active forever family.

Breanna (9), Leland (7), Steven (6)

Breanna is a loving and caring girl.  She loves anything princess; dressing up, jewelry, and shoes.  She is very creative and imaginative and likes to draw pictures. She is quite smart and is ahead in her class at school.  Brenna enjoys family activities, going to the movies, the beach and out to eat. She loves animals and enjoys being around them. She can ride a bike and swim.

Leland is a quiet and sensitive boy.  He loves to be silly and make people laugh.  He is eager to please and likes to help around the house.  He loves building things with Legos and blocks.  He likes riding his scooter and playing outside.  Leland is very smart and is doing well in his preschool class.  He is a friendly little boy who likes to cuddle.  

Steven is an adventurous youngster.  He likes playing with trucks, balls, and being outside.  He likes jumping on the trampoline and he loves the water and enjoys swimming.  Steven is fearless and likes to climb, jump, and try new things.  He is a smart little boy and loves to have fun. 















Nathan (11), Donavan (10), Kyra (7) - Potentially Matched

Donovan, Nathan and Kyra are an energetic close knit sibling group of three who are anxious to find their forever family. Donovan is an active young man who can be described as very polite and pleasant. Donovan enjoys building things with Legos, swimming and is known as the expert at playing video games. Nathan also likes to be kept busy and is described as being hard-working, dependable and kind. Nathan is an excellent runner and a budding artist. Kyra is very outgoing and the socialite of the group. She is described as polite, artistic, and very bright. Kyra enjoys drawing, playing with dolls and dressing up. Donovan, Nathan and Kyra are in need of a family that can keep them busy while providing them with the love and stability they deserve.  

Anthony (6) and Shaniah (7)

Anthony and Shaniah are siblings who are very close and bonded to one another. Shaniah is the little lady and loves anything that has to do with princesses and barbies. Shaniah’s two favorite things about school are playing on the playground and making new friends. The activities Shaniah enjoys are playing games, watching television and playing with her toys. Anthony is active young man who is always on the go. He is all boy and loves playing with his trucks and cars. His favorite activities at school are playing with play dough and jumping rope. Anthony enjoys playing games and playing basketball. Anthony and Shaniah’s ideal family would be an active family who can provide them with a lot of attention and are dedicated to give this sibling group of two a loving and caring forever family.

Kaleb (7) and Holden (8) 

Holden and Kaleb are very delightful and engaging young men. They are a sibling group of two boys who are very bonded and an inseparable pair. Holden can be described as kind and sweet his brother Kaleb is described as caring and loving. Holden enjoys swimming and watching television. Kaleb likes to ride his bike and play games. It is not uncommon to see both boys with their favorite Pokemon card or Pokemon figure in hand as they will tell you Pokemon is “Cool!”. Holden and Kaleb’s ideal family would be a family who has a lot of energy and can keep up with this busy sibling group of two.